Garrett Brittenham

Hi FTW Co,
 Been a bit since I made a report! Since we got back from TX, we've done 2 local short tracks, and 1 two-day event in Wyoming at Jake Latimer's Motorsports Madness Tour. I've been struggling a bit with bike setup and varying track conditions, but had some success despite having no wins. For the CO races, Bangin' Bars Promotions, I decided to start skipping Open AM and started trying my luck in the Sportsman (money) class. So far, my best is 5th place there, and I've been mid-pack otherwise. In the 30+ class, I got 3rd the first time out in a tough race with friends, Curtis Lowry and Chris Hoff. Second time out was a rough night, and I ended up pretty close to last. In WY, I pulled 2nd place in Open AM on both days in dang fun races, losing to another friend and CO boy, Austin Vogltanz. Anyway, pics!
Flat trackers sometimes get some folks watching, even at practice days: