Garrett Brittenham

Got 2nd overall. Working on bike setup, hoping to do better! One Honda pic too. Won that one.

Adam Bauer

Heading out for qualifying on the Paul Black Racing CBR600RR this afternoon was a blast! Hoping some good shots were taken today as there were cameras everywhere around the course. 

 That moment when you realize Michael Dunlop just went by you, 
time to hitch a ride and follow some lines!

 Well the Supersport races didn't go to plan... Bumped the back tire of another bike and crossed me up and ended up high siding myself to the moon. I did luckily walk away and had the bike ready for the second Supersport race but the tip over sensor said no and we couldn't get the bike started after getting it back through scrutineering. BIG THANKS to everyone who has helped with this adventure, I was comfortable in the over 111mph avg and broke the 4 minute barrier today along with posting over 157mph on the flying kilo on the stock 600rr. Happy with that, bummed about the crash but it's part of it. Take what I've learned away from it to the next event.

6th gear flat out stretching throttle cables exiting Loughers at the Ulster GP... Nothing like it, absolutely nothing can describe it, get over and see it for yourself!

That time you get yelled at to grab a beer and hang out with John McGuinness's bonfire next to his RV in the paddock

Jordan Baber

Baber in Sturgis

Travis Newbold

Jud Linder

This past weekend at the Astrocup in Illinois.

Travis Taylor

Here's a quick update and a bunch of photos from July.  Almost time for it to be cooling off again, crazy. Every year they run a flat track race on the half-mile limestone horse track at the Frederick, MD fairgrounds. They claim it's the oldest running half mile race in the country, and it's always held on the 4th of July. This year was the 95th running, and it's always a good time. Maybe next year I'll have a bike together for the half-mile... If the schedules work out, there are usually some big names to watch. This year Jared Mees was cleaning up, but unfortunately the program was cut short due to rain. 
Sammy Halbert was there as usual, giving Mees a run for his money. The day before, he put on a flat track class at our local spot, and I had a ton of fun. Definitely picked up some helpful pointers, and built up my confidence. Racing is one thing, but the opportunity to have an extended session and work on your riding within a small group is something that is very rewarding. Especially under the supervision of somebody with Sammy's credentials!  Thanks to TOO TALL Ted Ellis and Curtis Fisk for the photographic evidence. 
Fast forward two weeks and it was time to see what I really learned.  The second annual Gary Nixon Invitational was held at the Baltimore County fairgrounds in Timonium, MD. Last year was a big event, so I was excited for this one.  They've really done a nice job to create and promote an attractive event for both fans and pro riders. It's really something else to be racing the same tough track at the same event as the fastest guys in the sport! For the sake of brevity, they ran fewer, and combined amateur classes, so we had 14 riders in the 125 / 150 class. I finished 3rd in my heat, and out of 3 heats, that put me 7th overall. I ended up 8th in the main, and then made a mad dash up the hill to watch the pro main event! They put our race second to the finale (to display a gross contrast in speed to the crowd, ha HA) so the race wasn't over for me. Two free hot dogs from the closing vendor, and I grabbed a bud.  I was sweating it out faster than I poured it in.  The pro race was intense! It's worth a watch. I saw banners around for MXPTV and I later found that they took some really nice video. A raw cut of the race, and also a neat BEST OF montage. Here are links to both. They also had some footage of the Barbara Fritchie Classic I mentioned earlier.  Again, I have to thank Ted Ellis as well as Len Breech for the photos. 
So far August is shaping up nicely, went to Timonium MD for the 4th of 4 races in that series last Friday, and then made it up to Reading PA on Sat. Hopefully Len got some snaps from both, should see him in two weeks at Delta, PA. 
Thanks as always for your support! 

Travis Newbold

What a fun summer it has been. Jam packed with throttle twisting action! The Colorado 400 was nothing short of a damn great time, I won a supermoto, I have done some gnarly battles on the Indian for Roland Sands, and last week I got my XS on the pro vintage twins class during the I-70 flattrack series. After the last race in Stockton I drove through the nite to sturgis and won the vintage class at the Buffalo Chip. The next day I went home for a night to hug my wife and switch bikes. I rode my pikes peak winner in an all dirt 6 mile hill climb in grand junction colorado up the grand Mesa. It was like an old pikes peak and was the most fun racing I have done in a while!
I broke the motorcycle record by 20 seconds. If you like dirt bikes and road racing then go to The Lands End hill climb next year!!!

Alfonso Vasquez

Hey guys,

Here's some pix from Costa Mesa speedway Harley night 
this weekend.  I'll send some action shots when 
I get them. All photos taken by me. Keep it on 
two wheels!! Took third in both heats.

Bram De Roeck

Paul Meginley

Hi Brad & Jeff,
Pics attached below from the Post Classic Titles held in June. Wasn't sure you'd received them. 
I've recently acquired my dream bike: a GMC HL500. This will be my main race bike from now on, my TT will be re-restored and brought out only for special events. 
Pics from the recent Club Championship Rd2 to follow.