Komiyama Daiki

Hi Jeff & Brad
The result that the endurance race was enough for had good
Thank you the support,
Daiki Komiyama

Gregory Boyd

The weather has been brutal here in Ohio on Saturdays(Race Day) . I did get a few photos from Kurt Bauer from the Wauseon Vintage Race back in July.
Thanks for everything as always!
Thanks Jeff!!
Greg Boyd-

Aaron Sauerbrey

Hey guys hope your summer has been going well.  Sorry for the lack of updates, my girlfriend and I bought a fixer upper and that kind of took over all free time.  I still made time to do some racing at the shady burro 2 day enduro where I took home 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday in B open over the course of 2 100+ mile days.  It was incredibly exciting for me as I was able to rock my FTWCO jerseys both days, and I can tell you that they are tough and breathable, my only down side was riding through a hail storm at 12,000' definitely a race I will always remember.  With my 5th 2nd and 1st place finishes I was showing improvement through the year unfortunately work and the house got in the way of competing in more races.  Next year I plan on dedicating more effort into completing in the series to try and move up to A's.  I also took a recent vacation to the island of Cyprus and went riding for a day with exclaim enduro.  And just missed you guys in taylor park where I finally got my girlfriend on a dirt bike.   I have attached a link to the youtube video below.  now for some pictures.  

Mark Felt, Chris Wiggins, Alfonso Vasquez,

Mark Felt, Chris Wiggins, Alfonso Vasquez,

What up guys. 
So in my main event was a fucking chaos. I have put the link for the race https://youtu.be/JZQda6IJ2FA
Mark Felt #34 and I #11 battled two Roland Sands Indian. I traded paint with one of them in the beginning. Then restart number two put me on the wall. 
I lined up again and sat in third. Ate an Indian and worked on Felt. We went one and two. 
Wiggins won his main event. 
Fucking epic night. 
Photo cred for all photos are @joyartco

Garrett Brittenham

Looks like I’m the 2016 Colorado Flat Track Hooligan State Champion! Unbelievable. Came in 2nd overall in the 40+ class on the Honda. A good season. 
Pics by Bruno Melli.

Juha Kallio

After 30 years we got honour to race in legendary Imatra track in public roads.
Peter Guld took all photos