Tim Neave


I was racing at Mablethorpe Beach for round 9 of the championship on Sunday! 
I was awful weather, never stopped raining for the entire day, viability was poor with the sand spray as well!
Had to make a main jet change after practice as the bike was running too lean!
The bike was flying for the first race, and I won by a straight away. We did a plug chop after the race to give us an indication whether the jetting was right, and we decided we would jet it up again just to be on the safe side as it still looked a little lean.
Race 2, 3 and 4; unfortunately the jetting up didn't do me alot of favours and killed the motor so I was down on speed and power... finished 2nd, 2nd and 3rd... really close over the line!
We decided to drop the jetting down again, this made a huge difference and I won race 5. Finished 2nd over all, so not a bad day, just wished I had kept the same jetting in as I had in race 1, but after the seizure 2 meetings ago, I thought we'd play it safe!