Jordan Baber


Just dropping by to catch y'all up on how the 2012 season went. I won the points championship in the Classic Flat Track Series for the 350 class for the third year in a row! I got a ton of good experience on a Triumph twin that a good friend of mine built for me, and some really good results came from the modern bike as well. I won one hell of a race between me and one of my best friends in the Open Amateur class on the CRF 450 at Knoxville in front of all of my friends and family (and FTWCO of course). That was one of the most fun races ever, and to get to win at my home track made it even better!  Overall 2012 was a great season with 7 main event wins at the end of the year. Thanks to Fenders Cycle there is a new 2010 Crf 450 motocrosser sitting in the Baber Racing stables. Between my Dad and I she will be looking like a true race bike in a month or so. We also have a 1955 Harley-Davidson KR in the works right now too. The 2013 season is looking promising... Lets go racing!!

Thanks a million, Jordan Baber

P.S. Check out the the right arm of my new leathers ;)