Travis Newbold

Howdy FTW Co,
Round one of the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit was on a private ranch deep in the heart of Texas. Last week they got an inch of rain so the dirt was perfect titties. Saturday was 60 miles of twisty, sandy, loamy singltrack. I had to throw away my undies because of the excessive sploodge. Sunday was a bit tough as the 80 miles of trails where tight and technical (The Texans even named a section "The Rambo Section") and this two day race was the second time I have mounted my trusty knobly steed since last October. I overalled the A class both days and finished in the overall top ten which makes me happy since the race had AA riders from both the RMEC and the Texas series. Speaking of Texas, if you are ever driving in bad conditions (zero visibility) and catch up to a fire truck driving slow with it's lights on, dont pass them, this makes them angry. Apparently they have radios and they talk to the state troopers. Early this morning I had officer Billy Belligerent come through my window and grab me and tell me he was hauling me in. Something about two wheel drive vans and dirty hippies. ( I must have a real image problem with state troopers ) Thankfully his cool headed partner came to my rescue and settled down the raging lonestar lawman. He apologized for his partner and shook my hand sending me on my way. Winter driving is quit enjoyable for me, not sure why some get so worked up over it.  Any hoo sorry for the crap pictures. I never got the real camera out. Looking forward to round #2 next month, shit, it's also in Texas...
Newbold 747