Word from John Tinsley

Well, Vegas was a bust but still had a great time!! Missed the semi by a few spots on the 1st night and missed it by 2 spots in the semi the 2nd night. Hung out with Twitch and friends in the pits, and talked to Newbold about the cool factor of a compression release on a 2 stroke, Oh and the fact that is ACTUALLY helps keep it in the power band. I also managed to separate my shoulder and hook up a really cool vintage racer from Reno with some FTWCO stickers... Well I put them on the tank of his bike and he was ECSTATIC and went on about how cool FTWCO is! Had a really great time conversing with fello FTWCO racers and riding coke syrup. Cant wait 'til San Jose Indoor March 30th (my bday) and 31st. 1st official AMA pro race!! Until next time