Introducing FTWCO Racer #302 Garrett Brittenham

My name is Garrett Brittenham. I’m 45 years old, and I started flat tracking last summer in Erie, CO. I got my first bike, a ’66 Suzuki K15 80, when I was 11. My dad and I built it in our basement from a box o’ parts. At 13, I got a brand new ’80 KX80, and I started racing MX the next year. I raced through most of the ‘80s, with some success, but quit to go to college. Rode off and on since then. Mostly street bikes for the past several years.
I built a flat track bike out of a ’76 Harley SX250 that was my dad’s. It’s a fun little bike that I run in the vintage class. I’m right in the middle of the pack usually, but I’ve brought home a trophy or 2! My 2 oldest kids also race flat track.
I also have a Sportster street tracker that I built, and continue to hack at whenever I get the urge, and a ’78 CB750 that’s gathering dust in the garage.
Outside of racing, I’ve been playing in punk/garage/rockabilly groups for years. So, yeah, I’m pretty much too old for everything I do. Growing up doesn’t seem to be in the cards…
Anyway, I totally dig the whole FTW thing, and I’m dang stoked to be wearing the jersey this year!
- Garrett302