Alfonso Vasquez

Saturday June 4, 2016

We headed to Gruene HarleyDavidson 
to race at the Hooligan dirt dash. 
I ended up taking first in my heat. 
In the main I wheelied the bike and 
chopped the throttle giving me a horrible 
start and from there I tried to work my 
way up to the front but that's racing. 
Action shots are from Mark Felt-  @fuhka_wot

 Friday June 3, 2016. 
So day two we took some 
demo bikes from HarleyDavidson 
in downtown Austin and rode out 
to Salt Lick for some good ol Texas BBQ. 
After lunch we rode to Xgames 
and were trap to a serve storm 
that rolled through. 
Xgames was canceled so we decided to 
load up the race bikes on 
the transporter because they 
needed to be at Gruene HarleyDavidson 
first thing Saturday morning. 
We had no chose but to ride in the rain. 
So with some trash bag ponchos we rode 
back to town. We ended the night soaked 
at a bar with drinks in hand. 
Hello, Xgames was a blast. 
We got a small window to run 
an exhibition race on the 
Xgames half mile on Thursday, 
June 2. We went on after 
the pros finished their practice. 
Track was fun and fast. 
We had to be run a tight 
line inside because there 
were holes exiting turn two 
and entering turn three. 
The speed merchant sporty did awesome. 
I should have changed the gearing but it ran 
just fine. I had plenty of 
power exiting the corners. 
I just wanted a little more 
pull before entering the turns. 
I was bouncing off the rev-limiter. 
We ran four 5 lap heats. Wiggins 
was first for all the races. 
I bounced around from 4-6 but wasn't 
too far behind. On one the heats 
Brawny took 2nd. The shot at the bar 
was for our teammate who was missing in action, 
Taylor Dunfee and we left our mark with 
a dollar bill at the Elephant 
room located on 315 congress. 

Great times,