Gary Inman

The fourth round of the DTRA series was held on the Friday night of Sideburn's Dirt Quake event at King's Lynn.
I'm one of the organisers of Dirt Quake, and subsequently had so much to do that I didn't think much about the racing and, until I checked, had no idea where I finished in the finals. 
It was a great atmosphere. Dirt Quake attracts racers from all over the world. Riders we'd never seen before entered the DTRA just so they could be part of the Dirt Quake event. We had racers from France, Italy, Australia, USA and Switzerland just on the Friday night, with more nations added the next day - Netherlands and Belgium.
Guy Martin also raced on the Friday night on his 450 DTX bike. 
I made both mains and had a 7th and an 8th. Nothing special as I'd been on the podium (with an admittedly smaller entry) the race before. Still, it was a lot of fun.
Round five took the championship to the big track at Amman Valley, Wales. The only half-mile on the UK calendar. Due to work I'd missed the last two visits to the track. Before that it had been soaked and I hated it. 
This area of Wales is notoriously wet, and a scorching, sunburnt morning gave way to a wet, sludgy afternoon. In the dry I had a second in my heat race, but I hate racing on waterlogged tracks. I have no MX background and too much mechanical sympathy mixed with not quite enough balls-to-the-wall skill/bravery. After getting through a year's worth of tear-offs in three laps, I put up my visor and proceeded to race as fast as I could while my eyeballs got gritblasted. Fuck this!
My bike felt the same way and started misfiring. I made both finals, again, but pulled out of one. I race for fun and this wasn't. By the end of the day, my bike looks like it had spent an afternoon in the back of a cement mixer.
Next race, the last of the 2014 season, is coming up on September 21st. I'm praying for sun.
Thanks FTWCo. Keep doing what you do.
Gary Inman
Dirt Track Riders Association, UK