DTRA National Dirt Track Championships Round 6

Rye House Speedway provided an excellent venue for the last weekend of dirt track action of the 2014 calendar. A well-attended Saturday practice helped riders set up for a day of fantastic racing on Sunday across all classes. The morning meeting included the Rookies, Minibikes, Vintage and Youth classes with the Pro, Restricted and Thunderbikes racing in the afternoon.

The whole 2014 Pro Championship boiled down to the last final of the last round. It was set to be an epic race with twins Tim and Tom Neave joint first in the championship ahead of Aidan Collins (the defending number 1 plate holder) sitting in third position. Any one of those riders was in contention for the overall 2014 win. With team mate Oliver Brindley out with a broken hand it was left to Alan Birtwistle to try his best to represent the Kawasaki team and Peter Boast was also looking to move up the leader board for Suzuki. Also looking strong in the heats on the day were Darren Trapmore and Richard Mason.

It was Aiden Collins who got the hole shot with Birtwistle close behind followed by Tim Neave. Tom Neave got a bad start from the front row and was left with a lot of work to do. As Tom moved through the pack Alan Birtwistle and Tim Neave were putting increasing pressure on the leader Aidan Collins who was controlling the race well from the front.

With two laps to go the order at the front was still Collins, Birtwistle, then Tim and Tom Neave. 

With the yellow and black last lap flag in sight Collins and Birtwistle fought over the same spot of the track and managed to come to a complete stop in a three bike crash also involving Tom Neave. Catastrophically, Tom Neave was left with a bike he could not restart. Tim managed to avoid the incident and rode into the lead. Birtwistle held his second place and Richard Mason made a last lap move on Peter Boast for third place. Collins who managed an incredible remount managed an admirable fifth place. Unfortunately this was not quite enough for him to regain his number one plate.

The results-
Tim Neave
Alan Birtwistle
Richard Mason
Peter Boast
Aiden Collins
Darren Trapmore
David Homan
Mark Richardson
George Pickering
Derek Brindley
Vince Hurst
Tom Neave