Travis Newbold

Spent a week in England with FTWco racer Anthony "Mr. Brown" Brown #47. FTWco racer Geoff "What time does it feel like now" Cain #45 also took a big role in providing entertainment. The hospitality and friendships  provided were second to none and it is all because of the amazing network of FTW racers we have. If any of you reading this ever want to come to Colorado and let me play moto host my door is always open to you all!
Sideburn's Gary hooked up a boat ride for the day to catch some Isle of Man TT action. It took a bit longer than expected to cross the ocean in a little boat with 8 people but sometimes if not all the time the journey is the destination. It was amazing to get a taste of the TT and I will return with out a doubt. 
Me and my lovely little lady did a Co-Built guided scooter tour around London.
Pete "Wilky" let me borrow is proper framed TR6 for round #3 of the DTRA and I had so much fun riding that bike on a proper shale track. in the Thunderbike Main I probably had the ride of my life getting 2nd behind the fast as lightning Tim Neave. In the Restricted class main I was looking to finish on the box again when something in my drive train let go on the ol Triumph, I raised me hand but it was to late and WHAM! I got clipped hard and did a one handed, no power having tank slapper as the pack swarmed around be. Somehow I stayed up and the only real damage was to my underwear.  Scooter Farm Dave hooked me up with his GS750 chopper for the Dirtquake chopper class. I think my beard helped me pick up the ride. I had last pick for gate position. Don't ask, lets just say i say it aint a crash if the bar never touches the ground. The Chopper class was flat track racing at it's best. Dimitri Costa is one crazy and very cool dude. I ended up crossing the finish line neck and neck with Sideburn's Ben Part, his poncho flapping in the wind almost brought tears to my eyes. I think we rode two victory laps. I also think I got 2nd. or at least that is the trophy they gave me. Thanks to everyone involved! I had such an amazing time and look forward to next time. Come visit god dammit!
Newbold #747
P.S. some of these pictures I yoinked off of the http://sideburnmag.blogspot.com/ they were taken by http://gotzgoppert.com/ and I imagine more pictures of the awesome event are soon to surface.