Garrett Brittenham


Welp, my season has finally started. I packed up the kids, my dad, and some bikes, and drove 13 hours to Waco for the Waco Eagles/VDTRA half-mile! It was a stone-cold BLAST! The track was perfect, wide and fast.

It took me a few laps to get back into form since I hadn't ridden in awhile, but I'll be danged if things didn’t improve quite a bit.

On Saturday I took 2nd in the Open AM class. On Sunday, my chain broke while battling for the lead in my heat race, so my weekend ended a bit too soon.

My kids did great though. My son took home 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday, and my daughter rode hard and fast on her little 50 against a bunch of bigger bikes. She got 3rd on Sunday (but 1st against bikes her size!).

Saw lots of FTWCO t-shirts and stickers!


Racing pics by Flat-Out MotorSport Photography