John Tinsley

Hey, Long time no talk, Sorry about that. 2012 was pretty slow for me racing wise, so there was not much to keep you filled in on. 2013 however is already a different story, Made the trip to Vegas for some Coke Syrup action and Motorcycle Auctions 2 weeks ago, and had a pretty good trip. I made the main event both nights from the Semi, which is an accomplishment in its self being that I've never made the Mains in Vegas before! Ended up out of the top 10 both nights but had a great time over all! Decided to drive down to Perris Raceway's So. Cal. Flat Track Association 1/4 mile to turn some laps. More than likely going to the double header next month, and hit up as many races as I can before I have my shoulder fixed (Torn Labrum) I've attached a few pics, and one from when I started riding for you guys and a few in Vegas. Thanks for all the bitchin' stuff!
-John Tinsley #36