Tim Neave


After a good practice session and changing the main jet, I was confident in for the first race.
I made awful starts all day, but I seemed to be good at passing throughout the races, so it didn't make a huge difference to me. I'll be making some changes to the bike for the net meeting, hopefully they'll make a difference!

I won the first race after passing 2 riders on lap 3/4.
Race 2 I finished 3rd after been 8th into the first corner.
Race 3, I finished 2nd,
Race 4 I finished 3rd. A rider fell infront of me, I didn't have time to react fast enough so ploughed into his bike. My bike stopped dead and so I went over the bars, but it didn't do any damage to me or the bike thankfully! I made the restart and finished 3rd.
Race 5, I finished 2nd after passing 6 riders, chasing down 1st place, but didn't have enough laps to pass him!
I finished 2nd overall! 

1st place 29pts, 
2nd place (me) 28pts, 
3rd place 27pts

That's just how close the racing was!

I have attached some pictures,