Nick Weimer

The seasons is just about over. In mid August was a vintage national at Black Rock Speedway in Dundee Ny, right next to Watkins Glen. What a track that was. Long corners, slick, and smooth as glass. There were a few times I could hold the throttle open all the way around. I was doing great until the stator on my Rotax went on the first day. So I just rode my honda in all the races and did great. Podium on every race. The Second to last race my break stay snapped when I went into the corner and locked up my breaks. I didnt finish that race but still had one more. With only one race in between I ran into the pits ripped off the caliper and made it on the track after a quick argument with my father. He was bitching about safety and all that. I managed to take 2nd place without breaks. Now Im thinking about building a rigid breakless because it was hella fun.      Then in late September was the last Vintage national at my home track which is 12 miles from my house. I had the fastest lap the whole day. I ended up winning 3 out of 4 races. Just got my letters from ama in  the main the other day. I took 2nd in 750 masters,  4th in Hotrod singles, and 3rd in Hotrod singles. I may go to the banquet in Ohio but who knows. There has been talk of going to Daytona this year. Hopefully it happens so I can maybe win a class for once. Thats all from me.