Kinzer Naylor

My second race weekend on the bike after my crash was alot of fun. I raced with WMRRA at the amazing track at The Ridge, just 10 miles out of Port Angeles. I had to start from the back of the pack through the course of the weekend because I had no points. My first race on saturday was the 750 super sport, which I had to start from the last row of the grid in the second wave. I was not excited with my placement in 24th on a very rough grid. Despite the grid placement, I got an amazing start passing over 10+ people on the very first lap alone! The group I wanted to run with was too far ahead, and I was barely catching them by only a tenth here or a tenth there. I ended up with a good finish, coming in 11th. I looked forward to the next race which was the 600 SuperSport. Having to start in the back, again, I knew my work was cut out for me, but I felt confident with my start. For half of a lap I was behind a group that prevented me from gaining on the group I wanted to run with and it opened a gap that I could not close. By the end of the race I had improved my best lap time to 1:44:770. The last race of the day began with great start for me, but my bike was struggling with transmission issues. The bike was popping in and of gear, and was really affecting shifting my bike. Starting from last place again, I had an amazing start, flying from 19th place and was up to 5th by turn one, but was then shuffled back to 6th. I set my fastest lap of the weekend at 1:44:173. Unfortunately, the transmission began acting up and by the last 5 laps I was battling with false neutrals. I almost high sided coming out of turn eight due to the shift forks being bent.  Despite the difficulties, I finished the race in 7th place. 
   After saturday's malfunctions, my bike was unable to be ridden; the bike could not even shift into neutral to be wheeled in to the trailer. So the next day I took my dad's bike out in practice, setting a 1:48:87 and entering the race. I got another great start, again from the last row in 20th. With some quick suspension changes right before the race to set the bike up, I went out with 1:45:489, Only 1.3 seconds off my best time on my Dad's bike, which I have had minimal practice on. So I was pretty happy finishing 11th when the race was stopped short after a red flag. The last race of the day, the Open SuperBike, which I began with a nice start and had been trying to put down a personal best for the weekend, when I unfortunately crashed at over 100 mph coming up the hill to turn 11. I was very lucky to come away from the crash with only a concussion and some soreness. 
    Overall I was happy with how the weekend went and again improved my mid-corner speed which I had been struggling with the most. I look forward to the next season, hoping to get in a full season  and not to be plagued by injuries or any setbacks. A great big thanks to my family for all the support they give me and to my sponsors: SpeedMotoCo, MotoFit group, Forever Two Wheels Racing, Bridgestone, Sudco, P3 Racing, Racetech, and CMC Performance for everything. I look forward to improving my rider skill and my overall racing career!
#195 Kinzer 'Speedy" Naylor