Travis Newbold

Pikes Peak was fucking awesomely gnarly and epic and all the other played out words. topped the 450 class and was 5th fastes bike overall. Here are some pics that i stole from the official photographer. There are some good ones on my blog that my bro Willy took.  The leather patch work on my jacket looked mighty fine. The dude sewed one of the sleeve patches on upside down so when I get a break in the action I will have him fix it, then maybe someday he will accept payment? Day after Pikes Peak I headed straight to kansas for a couple of half miles. got a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd and had a lot of fun. I drove home and had time to change the oil in the van and do some airfilters then went out to Denver and did some short track Saturday and won both my classes. so i am purdy much riding the big 'W' wave. slotted in the tube like Sunny Garcia. wooo hoooo! any hoo. I hope to make knoxvill vintage flattrack. Much! -Newbold