Garrett Brittenham

NO race!!!

Drove the 45 minutes to the track in questionable weather hoping we'd catch a break, but found out it was a rainout when we got there. Partly relieved, as my race bike is still in limbo (more below), so I was gonna run in the Hooligan class on my Sportster. We saw Travis 747 pulling in as we were leaving. Hope he stayed and practiced a bit, as he's got a long drive. The race got rescheduled for April 28th. Fingers crossed for nice weather.  As for why the race bike isn't ready... the engine is in Utah with Rich Gagnon at http://richstaylordporting.com/. It's getting some major porting done, plus the addition of a reed block. Looking like we'll get some big HP gains, plus smoother, wider powerband. Should be able to more than hang with the big-bore thumpers.  Couple of 2-stroke porn pics that Rich sent me are attached.  Got the new jersey and shirt! Awesome! Can’t wait to put it to use!

Thanks again FTWCO, Garrett302