Travis Newbold


Some buddies and I went to vegas last weekend. Friday was Enduro X. I used to compete in these and am very happy to now only spectate them. Saturday was Supercross finals and Sunday I raced my 1979 z50 in the mini moto. I was almost black flagged for battling with my buddy so hard. Some people in the stands have already put up some you tubes of it but i will get you our video footage after we get it edited. Good times.

Attached is a picture to show how much fun i was having Friday night, after the race i was flattracking my z fifty in the parking lot and fell off. as bad as i looked i still managed to get some pit tootsie naked on top of the van that night. we woke up butt naked on a tour of the parking lot on top of the van blanket flopping in the wind. Their was much applause.

I am trying to keep my composure. Peace.