Michael Goni

Got my photos from the Wilmington ECTA LSR race.  All records where open since this was the first event but we definitely set the bar high with our two records and we bested our previous bests by 11 and 9 mph.

Link to photos, https://picasaweb.google.com/114855508338718873544/OhioEctaApril2012

Official records set,

Michael Goni
MPS/PBF-650/4 162.555 mph
PP/P-650/4 123.083 mph

Here are the details I drafted,
We straight killed it this weekend, in complete juxtaposition to our usual race weekend with only two runs on both bikes we got the job done. Tech friday was a cold but sunny day but it was a bitter cold and rainy mess Saturday and Sunday morning.
Because of the weather and the huge turnout we couldn't get any more than one run a day, first run on Saturday on the black bike was a mess, the nitrous system failed from the get go and there was some gnarly 25 mph cross winds in the morning (enough that it almost spun a couple cars when their chutes opened) so I only got a 134 mph, it was a half of third gear run at a crazy lean angle to keep going straight. After that run I immediately jumped on the orange bike and ripped a 117mph run in a head wind/quarter wind with the bike running a bit fat.
While at the pits we started tearing into the nitrous system and it just straight monsooned on us so we did the lunch thing. After the rain we diagnosed the nitrous issue as a clogged nitrous jet. A piece of rubber from god knows where lodged itself into the small nitrous hole and mushroomed out the other end, thankfully it wasn't the fuel jet that got clogged as that would have grenaded the engine.
Sunday we waited 6 hours to make one run, by the time we got up to the starting line the wind turned around and we had a slight breeze of a tailwind the sun came out and things were looking up. Once the track cleared I let it rip and for the first time everything went 100% smooth, hit every 7300rpm shift point, nitrous ran smooth through three gears and I passed the traps at around 6900rpm. It was so smooth and uneventful that it felt like a 150mph run. Final number, 162.5 mph, we ran 4 mph faster than 1.5 mile Loring and 11 mph faster than our Maxton 1 mile best. Best part is that it was still pulling hard, given enough room we could have possibly ran 400 more rpm, so things are looking up for Loring this year, half a mile more might be enough room to hit our 170 mph goal (plus we still have a couple more sizes of nitrous jets and about 7 more lbs of boost available). After that run I jumped back on the orange bike and ran another perfect text book run that got me up to 123mph on the production record, besting our previous production record from 114mph!

Michael Goñi