Garrett Brittenham

Last week was a nightmare. My motor was a box of parts as of Wednesday evening. Race was Saturday. I got the cases, cylinder and head in the mail and went straight at assembly. Transmission SUCKED to get working right.

I still had a couple of parts to make too. I did about 3 versions of a master cylinder mount, 2 versions of a caliper hanger, and 2 versions of a pipe hanger.

Got it all buttoned up solid by 9pm the night before the race.

Day of the race, the bike blows a head gasket, and I'm SOL.

Luckily, I brought along the '83 TT600, so I was able to run that in the knobby class against a couple of modern kx450s and a KTM. Lowsided in practice and skinned my knee.

I spent the entire first heat in 3rd place, trying to figure a way around, losing a bit on the straights. I should maybe work out that almost 30 year-old suspension! The engine on that bike is great for flat track though.

On the last corner of the last lap, I pegged it around the outside and got by both of them. Won by a foot or so. Main event rained-out, so I came home with a 1st place trophy.

All in all a dang stressful day, but successful nonetheless! 

I'm waiting on a couple of hi-res pictures, but I thought I should send the report along and let you guys know we were wavin' the FTWCO flag!

Best part was my kids! My boy Joe won by almost 1/4 lap ahead of 2nd, and my daughter came in 3rd in a really close one.

Here's a video of the win:

couple crappy pics attached too. Will send good ones asap.