Howdy fellers, just wanted to say thanks for the love and support and great gear swag this year. It was a rad pleasure to have FTWCO listed as my only sponsor this year. This year was funner than a barrel of drunk monkeys. I wrapped up the Rocky Mountain Enduro Curcuit with an overall of the A class and 3rd overall. Not bad for my first year of enduros.
 2nd Pro in the WEBE Harescrambles Series was way too close to 1st (if you ain't first- you're last) but still tasted purdy swell. 2nd 450 pro at Pike's Peak is for sure at the top of the trophy pile on my mantle. I cant fuckin' wait for next year!!!  I am already trying to find flat track races to go to in the cold season. The garage is full of chop and destroy projects and I'm doing some heavy breathing on my XS flat tracker and am looking forward to the Gene Romero opener in Vegas. Happy Fuckin' Trails!!! braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawp! braaaaaaaaaaaaaaawp!
Peace love and wheelies. Newbold #747