Scott Rounds

 Hey guys, Finally got myself and my newly acquired race bike to a race last weekend. Being my first time on this bike, I had some bugs to work out, but it went well for a shakedown run. I entered the vintage class and the open am.

 Both classes had a turnout of about 8 riders, which I hear is decent for this track, which was also new to me. I did fine in the Vintage heat- settled into 3rd and stayed there til the finish, which got me onto the front line for the feature. Sweet. Open class qualifier didn't go so well, the bike started breaking up after a few laps, so I pulled off before I got lapped. Turned out my condenser had fallen off the points plate. Little bit of safety wire, and I was back in bizness. Went out later for the Vintage feature race. Got an okay start, I think I was in 3rd going into turn 1. Passed into 2nd coming out of turn 4. Unfortunately, I'd been having trouble with my brake for the whole day, and that second pass had me coming into turn 1 a little hot. I came in two wide with the first place rider, I was on the inside. Couldn't quite hold on, and rather than going wide and taking someone out, I had to lay it down in turn 2. Got back up with the bike still running, but my exhaust had gotten knocked pretty good and was hanging off blowin in the wind, so I had to call it quits.

 My friend Fumi ended up winning, turned out to be a really great race.

 My open am feature race went a little better. I almost didn't start, but decided at the last minute to just run the straight pipe with no muffler, and just to take 'er easy. Started from the second line, got a pretty good start. I wound up settling into 5th, where I managed to hold off a kid on a CR250 who actually gave me a good run. He passed me at some point, but couldn't hold his line and I got him right back on the inside and kept it together to the line. So it was a fun day overall, the bike felt dialed save for the aforementioned bugs I now need to work out. I'm gonna flip my rear tire to the fresh side, bleed that damn brake, order some proper number plates and get my hands on a new exhaust and I'll be back on track for the next race. I'm almost definitely racing this Saturday the 3rd up at Jolly Roger in New Hampshire, a track I've spent a lot of time on throughout my racing life. I'll be on my dad's bike (Frank, #39), but I feel right at home on it so I think it'll go well. Sunday is (also almost definitely) a little motard with New England Mini Moto (http://www.nhf-racing.com/) in Vermont. And rest assured I'll be flying the colors all weekend. I don't have my moto gear in Brooklyn with me, so I was wearing my leathers last weekend, but I'll have the right stuff this weekend and I'll finally get to run that sweetass jersey you guys sent me (thanks!). I'll follow up with a couple race pics

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