Travis Newbold

A couple of weeks ago I got my 450 trimmed for flat track and loaded up my XS650 for some  fun at the IMI Flat Track races under the lights in Denver. I got third in the Open B and even though I made the main in the Vintage on the Yamaha I didn't race it cause that thing is more scary than a two dollar hooker with out a rubber. Need to put real suspension under the big girl. They let me race the Vet class too and I got passed on the last lap and got second. Sunday I raced a Supermoto near by and with lowered dirt bike suspension and 19" I smoked over half of the Expert main. Pretty fun. I killed my CD3 dirt trackers, though, showing those dudes how to slider. Braaaaawwp!

Weekend before that was the enduro and  made sure to finish. Did good. Overall A and third overall.
Happy trails.

Newbold #747