John Tinsley

Last Saturday (March 15th) We loaded up and headed to 
Perris for the Southern California Flat Track Association 
round 3. I was lucky enough to get to throw a leg over the 
Johnny Angle Chop Shop 1938 Indian Sport scout for the Classic 
Vintage class, and had the Southland Racing/Racetech/Herrera 
Racing crf450 hooked up decent but couldn't get any traction 
coming out of the corners all night. The day started off pretty 
eventfully in the Classic Vintage heat race. I didn't get the 
best start due to having to shift the Indian into 3rd after 
starting in second (handshift joy) but still managed to pick 
everyone off, the scout had 2x the motor of the rest of the 
bikes, and it was showing. I had pulled a decent lead when the 
front cylinder divorced from the case.  Next up was the pro heat,
 and I was more than ready!! Spun off the line pretty bad but 
managed to run top 3 until I left the door open and 2 fast guys 
snuck by. No mercy in the Pro class!! I lost the clutch on the old 
Honda on the line of the Pro main and got an awful start due to it. 
After that I grew super impatient and lowsided as a result. I had my 
bike back on 2 wheels and joined the pack in 5th place and rode the 
rest of the race with the fast guys out front, but of course it 
didn't count for anything. Overall a good learning experience!! 
Looking foreword to running Chowcilla 3/8 mile on April 1st!!
Best regards 
-John Tinsley #36