John Tinsley

Hello Jeff, 
Sorry I've been caught up with getting everything 
ready for the weekend. 2014 should be a good one!! 
Jim wood with Southland racing is now building my 
450 motors and Race Tech is doing the suspension. 
The bike is unreal now!! I will get you a complete 
schedule ASAP, but the next race is this weekend at 
Perris. Plans for this year include putting a 2nd 
450 together, getting my AMA pro card and hitting 
up Castle Rock, Grays Harbor, Santa Rosa, and Pamona! 
As much as I would love to make it back east to run 
Indy, Knoxville, and Springfield it doesn't look 
like that's going to happen this year. 2014 should 
be the best year so far!! 

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