Travis Newbold

Its been a good summer of racing for me, my dog, and my trusty old van. Still managing to hit a few enduros and holding top 5 in the series overall point standings despite my neglected knobbies now being two seasons old. It seams the older I get the more all I want to race is flattrack. The most fun for me is going out to Kansas for the county fair series and bunking in the van for a week. This was my 3rd year flattracking and I feel good to finally be getting results in the money classes. Learning how to tune a bike for flattrack is such a challenge.  The pits are so friendly at a flattrack and the willingness of master tuners to share their knowledge is real neat. Getting my pikes peak champ 450 Honda to fell good on the ovals has left me wondering, Why do I feel so much more comfortable on a giant stock Yamaha twin made in the 70's with enough horse power to rip out a cotton wood stump.
I just got back from the last round in Kansas. I did not make the 10,000$ purse 450 class a-main and get a chance to show #12 Brad Baker how it was done due to a technical issue; riding my 450 makes me scream like a little school girl inside my helmet and truly fear for my life. In the B-main I did manage to finish in front of a few people. The highlight of the race was watching my pikes peak hero Davey Durelle pass Brad in the main and hold him off for nearly the whole race. The current GNC points leader was clearly trying desperately to get around the nearly 50 year old humble family man. It was one of the best races I have ever seen.
I think I finished out the series, 2nd in Vintage Amateur and 4th in the Sportsman Twin.
Thanks for all the support and love!
Newbold #747