Nick Weimer

Hey Guys,

 Sorry its been so long. Ive been super busy this summer racing and fixing blown up bikes. I went to ohio for two half miles, there I met FTW rider Jud, super cool dude. Did ok, the first night  I had bike problems, the second day at ashland I won the 750 class. This past weekend I rode the vintage national at my home track. First day I won all of my 4 out of 5 classes (bike broke down one race). Second day I took 3rd in open ex from the second line, won two classes, and podium-ed the rest. For the vintage series I only hit half the races and took seconds and thirds in points. In district points I am winning everything but have two more races this weekend. Ill let you know how the rest of the season goes.
- Nick Weimer 495