Word from John Tinsley

Well, Ventura Raceway went pretty well. I took 6th in the AM open main and 2nd in the chopper main. The track was GREAT in practice, my bike was hooking up and I was flying, but the dumbasses at Ventura Raceway put too much water on the track and it became SLICK! I was leading the hooligan class, the only other guy that gave me a challenge was riding an XR750 framed Sportster 1200. I was on a 1936 Indian Sport Scout with NO BREAKS. In AM open practice I was doing OK and running mid pack. I took 2nd in the Hooligan heat and 4th in the Am Open heat, there were 7 people in Am Open and 10 people in Chopper/Hooligan. The track was the best in the heats by far. By the time the main events rolled around it was 8:00 when the Hooligan main took the track, and it was pretty slick, I couldn't work the bikes clutch and lost a lap yet still salvaged a 2nd. By the time the Am Open main took the track they had watered it and it became Flat track Drifting, I almost lost the front end on 5 occasions and ended up in 6th place. I'm going to Perris Speedway (SCFTA) on July 9th and 10th, I sure hope I do better there. I will no longer be riding the Indian due to a sponsor being tired of a 15 year old getting all the attention and him thinking he can do it. He can until he crashes the 1st time. I changed my number to 36z because 57 is what was on the Indian.