Word from Land Speeder Warren Matthews

Feeling very fast but very busy. I got a job and that has put a damper on garage progress. However, I sent my motor out to my dude for porting and it's been a few months and haven't heard from him... fortunately I have another engine if he's spontaneously imploded. The fairing is posing to be a bit of a challenge and new rules are putting me at quite a disadvantage. The record I want has been standing for 30 years and the fairing rules were a bit more lax back then (I think) That bike also has 100cc on mine. However, bulldogging my way forward has served me well in the past, so I continue to press on. I had made some fiberglass fairings but am a little disappointed with the how they came out so I think I'll be doing that again, maybe in carbon this time. I have also recently adopted a college student to do my math homework. I put flyers up at the local University's engineering department and got a decent response. Unfortunately once they met me they realized that I am just some wingnut and not a full-fledged "race team". I made sure to be wearing a FTWCO shirt when I first met them and the usual reply was "are you okay"? F those turds. The dude who was not discouraged by my persona is a gem. He is currently building a triumph chop and knows who FTWCO and COC are; win. We have a trade worked out: I am his voice of experience in motorcycle building and he helps me work out the go-fast on my salt racer. He totally gets screwed in this arrangement. Either way, fun is happening but progress is slow. Sorry this was so wordy but I live in montana now and don't know anyone around here. Later gators.
OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Almost forgot, do you know anyone who knows about running tubeless with spoked rims? i need to get rid of some rotating mass and have an idea how i can get it done but it would be nice to talk to someone who has run with this. i promise not to rat-out anyone's race secrets and will keep any information shared as top secret. okay, buy buy.
Any help for Warren can be emailed to sponsor@ftwco.com