FTWCO helps Team Kinetic in Endurance

In 2010, Team Kinetic won the WERA National Endurance Series in the lightweight class, finishing all but one race on the podium. From Savannah, GA to Salt Lake City, UT, the team pushed themselves and their Dunlop shod SV650 to the limits in four and six hour races to retain their title.
Members of Team Kinetic have combined success of 18 expert sprint championship titles, four endurance titles, and countless race wins. All of the team members have chosen the LWT classes as their home, so we race as a team on Friday and Saturday and against one another on Sunday. It makes for great ball-busting conversation over a few cold Pabst or Yuengling.
For those who have not been around much endurance racing, here is a bit of info: they race for four or six hours, the riders will have stints for an hour and a half to two hours depending on strategy, each time we change riders the bike get another 6 to 7 gallons of fuel and new rear tire after the half way point of the race.
So, if you make it to a WERA National, stop by the Team Kinetic #27&274 pits. They are easy to find, just listen for some Gov't Mule or some reggae filling the air, look for some really green SV650s with huge gas tanks and FWTCO shirts!
When the guys aren't riding the endurance bikes they can be found on their sprint bikes sporting these numbers.
Tim Birdsong #3
Gill Cutchen #105
Like Echols #724
Chris Parrish #128
Rob Turner #474
Michael Wischmeyer #222

Check their website here: http://www.teamkineticracing.com/