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 Yo. I'm late on the  pics of the shop and how hot it is. Four ferrets fucking in a wool sock sounds about right. Oh well, at least I got the heater installed because in a few months that will be the bitch of the shop. It's hard to drink enough to work on bikes when it is below zero but I can handle near 100 temps as long as the beer fridge is packed. Which is  good because I have a shit load of work to do the Bonneville bike. It has a very nice black fairing and I need help making it look ready for salty action, do you guys have any big decals or ideas? The thing is from fuckin outer space and I am getting excited. I have never even been to the salt flats let alone ride. Not gonna set records unless they have a Zero Dollar Budget Bike class. I scored the chassis for free which is an awesome drag bike complete with msd ign and all it needed was a motor. 1979 GS1000 in my bone yard ought to be just about right.

Anyhoo, yeah I need to sticker up the shell or paint some scary shit on it, FTWCO. whatcha think?
  Oh, some news: I bought a 1998 GSXR600, my first sport bike. My shop took it on trade and I scored it for $400 yosh system and all. I sliced a few links out of the chain, helicoiled the drain plug and bombed it across colorado this weekend. 600 miles, no cops, few moments on the old tires and I lived to feel the aches in my knees today from cramping up on that rattle can of motorcycle. I am not ready to die so I am stripping it and turning it into a track bike as to learn enough skills to win pikes peak next year. Any street racing knowledge or parts for the old GSXR would be awesome. I know nobody who races street.

  The flat track pic was taken near my parents ranch outside steamboat. They race cars here and I always wanted to ride a bike on it and they let me out there two Sundays ago after two days of cagers wrecking the 3/8 oval. On the track I saw wiper blades, bricks, hubcaps and enough glass to make a bum shit their ever shitty booze drunken' pants. Shit was as rough as a gargle and growl of well whiskey in the wrong bar on the wrong side of track.... anyhoo I am rambling, I best go make a drink and get back to the sweat lodge of a wonderful work shop I love and live in.
 Peace. Newbold #747