Jud Linder

Word From Jud Linder

      I raced a 1/2 mile on Memorial day weekend in Canton, OH, and did well there with a second place finish in my vintage class on my Honda 500 and a fourth place finish in my over 30 division. Had some close racing and just missed my first halfmile win by 1/2 a bike length, it was the most exciting race I have had for a while. 

Listed you guys as a sponsor and my wife said you got some love from the track announcer during my races! Then next up was the Dayton,OH AHRMA Nationals and man what a shitty turnout they had but got to race another 1/2mile cushion(I love 'em). Ended up second in my class there for the day and only got beat by Jim Monegan, who is no slouch on a dirttrack(previous national number holder). Loaded up and went to the Vintage days at Mid-Ohio last weekend for the Ashland 1/2mile and got rained out. The AMA needs to get a clue on track prep!  

So we just decided to head home as we had a 1/4mile shorttrack race the next night at our club track. I raced heavy vintage and over 30 and wrecked in my damn vintage main after running second, and going for the lead I slid out in turn one and ate the wall.....pissed! Then I only had four races to get my bike going for the over 30 division and it went a little better with a third place finish. Planned on going to Wauseon,OH, for the races this Friday but had a minor setback in that I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. 

I had surgery to remove my thyroid on July 13 so I will be down for awhile but not out!  Fellow FTW racer Jimmy Jarrett  also is down for a bit as he was involved in a hit and run while training on his road bike, nothing broke but fucking bruised up! Just ate some breakfast with him this morning and he is doing better. Pretty funny watching us two gimps stumble in and out of the restaurant!
                                                              Jud Linder #31F