Travis Newbold

I must have some of the best luck! Or maybe it 
is just the universe balancing out for all the 
time I spent in hand cuffs before DIRTBIKES 
saved my life. Anyhoo last Wednesday my buddy 
Campo who runs Meta magazine came in my shop 
and said he could get me a spot in the 125 dream 
race at Thundervalley. I am not worthy but my 2003 
Amsoil Factory Connection Chris Gosselaar former pro 
number 39 bike knows a pro prepped track.  I was planning 
on taking it easy before pikes peak to not risk injury. 
That plan fucked right off. Saturday found me in the 
middle of a full 40 bike gate in the middle of a national 
motocross. The sound of 40 125 two strokes had me shredding 
into the first corner with both raging goose bumps 
and a big ol' pre-mix boner.
Thanks to Aaron Sauerbrey for the pictures!