Team Winks

Hey Jeff and Brad,

Just a quick update on our last round of racing for 2016
Simone headed into the final round with a narrow lead in the championship points but not having ridden since the previous round, a couple of months beforehand. 
It was a tough weekend as our dog suddenly passed away on the Thursday afternoon.
We decided to forego the Friday practice which meant Simone would not be on track until qualifying on the Saturday morning.  
After getting to the track in the evening and setting up, we grabbed a couple of late night kebabs and went to our Airbnb that we'd chosen over staying in the van.
Hopes of getting a bit of a sleep in Saturday morning (as we had our pits already set up and bikes scrutineered Friday night) were dashed as the house owners were up at 5AM pacing around on the floorboards above our heads, running taps and making more noise than a construction site. We decided to get out, headed to the track early and tried to get focused for the weekend. 
Heavy rain set in for morning qualifying which meant a change to wet tyres, and bike set-up. With everything that was going on, I told Simone to just take it easy and come in if she wasn't feeling it... to which she went out and qualified on the front row :-)
The weather dried up for the afternoon races and Simone put in an awesome ride to get second in each race. 
The late afternoon began with Supermoto qualifying before moving onto racing. Simone qualified well and raced the tired old SMR spectacularly - being particularly strong on the Tarmac and having a great battle with another rider who's strength was on the dirt. After a red flag, racing resumed and Simone's times were dropping before a crash broke a lever and put her out of action.
That evening my attempts at diplomacy with the AirBNB hosts about their early morning line dancing was met with: "this is not a guest house!", but at least the philistines waited until 5:30AM before commencing their depravities the next morning.
Sunday morning's weather quickly turned with heavy rain that refused to let up. Simone had a strained arm and shoulder from the Supermoto crash, to the point of it being sore to touch, despite this she attacked race 1 in the rain and stayed consistent to bring home another second place, and secure the championship by points gap. Race two proved to be even wetter as torrential rain set in. After a near highside, and battling a completely fogged up (dark tint) visor, Simone was able to secure a third place and a successful finish to the weekend of racing.
Thanks so much for your support this year. We are still deciding on plans for 2017 and will keep you posted!