Travis Taylor

This is my final update for the 2016 season, which I consider a success. I'm already planning for 2017, it'll be here in... 40 days? Holy Shit...  Dan and Curtis at Full Circle V-Twin put on their 3rd Dirt Day event in less than a year's time. This was a 2-day event, Oct 22-23, and I day-dream about it often now that it's past. What a great time riding flat track! We spent many October nights drinking beer and prepping the track for the first one back in 2015, and by the time November 7th rolled around, I was excited. A little too excited, and a little too much speed into turn one found me on head, though my right knee broke the fall. Or maybe, the other way around. Long story short, I ended up at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. One surgery to install an external fixator, then another 10 days later to install internal fixation. The up-side to that is no cast, but ten weeks on crutches, and then you're walking around like Forrest Gump. I bounced back from that in 2016 and became a better rider in the process, so I'm satisfied, to say the least! 
We ran a "150" class this time at Dirt Day, so I figured I'd run both that and "Amateur". I finished 2nd in both heats, and 4th in both mains. I wish I had been able to do a little better in the 150 class, out of 8 riders, but I'm very pleased on the Amateur result. Running with mostly 250/450 bikes and experienced riders, I stayed consistent and capitalized on a red-flag restart and any mistakes or opportunities. 4th of 11 had me just shy of the podium, but I was happy things and nearly come full circle. 
After that, I figured it was time for another overhaul. The hardware could stay in my leg, but the surgeon agreed to take it out, as it was causing some pain. In the long run, I figured it was best, and wanted to get it done before my deductible resent Dec 1. That bit me in the ass last year, to say the least! We got that done on Nov 4, I can't wait to get back on 2 wheels. There are big plans in the works for Dirt Day 2017 Spring event, things are already lined up with Cove View Speedway, in Warfordsburg PA. I need to get a bigger bike together!  All photos thanks to Mark Goldman / Goldmine Photos and Ted Ellis. Check out all of Mark's great photos of the 2016 fall event at https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/uA9A5o7eaa8nfKZA0OXNdKgI2inmaOEI3c2wZf6heTU/folder/yTjawZiCSnOsR6KGobtXMA
Thanks for your support this season! Next year will be even better.