Aaron Sauerbrey

Hey guys hope your summer has been going well.  Sorry for the lack of updates, my girlfriend and I bought a fixer upper and that kind of took over all free time.  I still made time to do some racing at the shady burro 2 day enduro where I took home 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday in B open over the course of 2 100+ mile days.  It was incredibly exciting for me as I was able to rock my FTWCO jerseys both days, and I can tell you that they are tough and breathable, my only down side was riding through a hail storm at 12,000' definitely a race I will always remember.  With my 5th 2nd and 1st place finishes I was showing improvement through the year unfortunately work and the house got in the way of competing in more races.  Next year I plan on dedicating more effort into completing in the series to try and move up to A's.  I also took a recent vacation to the island of Cyprus and went riding for a day with exclaim enduro.  And just missed you guys in taylor park where I finally got my girlfriend on a dirt bike.   I have attached a link to the youtube video below.  now for some pictures.