Oleg Pianykh

I had a couple of races in August.  As always ups and downs.  Had good pace at both tracks, and actually set a new superstock lap record at Pueblo Motorsports Park.  
The downs... at Pueblo, during Friday practice I went out and on my 4th lap I was going down the back straightaway as I saw a slow rider up ahead, it looked like something was wrong with his bike.  He was on the raceline instead of on the right like he should of been.  I went to the right side of the track to avoid him, and as I was nearing him he turned around and swerved right into my path.  I had no time to react fully, all I did was my best to avoid hitting him head by turning right as hard as possible.  I still ended up rear ending him.  Data shows I hit him at 119 mph, I was still full throttle and didnt even get off the gas.   He was going about 15-20mph. I flew over him, my bike was about 50 yards ahead of me.  Luckily we are both still alive.  That was the gnarliest thing that has ever happened to me on a bike.  I attached a pic of my front wheel which hit his bike, take a look at the brake rotor :).   I went to the hospital, but was able to race the next day, and won my race.
Now I am getting ready to head down south and do some races in Chuckwalla Raceway in California, and some commercial work for Yamaha. 
Hope you guys had a great labor day!