Chris Wiggins

I had an amazing weekend at Dirt Quake USA. 
Did okay Friday night (club racing) 
but ended up takin the win (photo finish) 
in the real event Saturday night. So I am 
Dirt Quake USA 2016 champ after runner up 
2015. Thanks again for the support, 
everything helps. There are a lot of # you 
can use but use what you want, don't feel 
like you need to use them all. #teamspeedmerchant 
and #harleyhooligans (if you guys saw the 
Harley post about the teams) please feel free to 
say "(company name) sponsored rider" @Wiggzero9 
The event was #dirtquakeusa and/or #dqusa 
#dirtquakeusa2016 #dirtquake2016 
Both photos so far are from 📷 @fuhka_wot