Paul Meginley

Hi Jeff and Brad,
Just a quick update:
A couple of weekends back I contested the Queensland State Classic & Post Classic Titles.
In Australia, for Vintage Motocross, the various classes are split into two main categories where Classic refers to all bikes up to Pre78 and Post Classic is up to Pre90.
My Yamaha TT500C falls into Pre78 263+ or “Pre78 Opens”
The Pre78 Opens is a very competitive class full of RM360 and YZ400 two strokes as well as dominant Maico and Husqvarna 2bangers.  There was a lone CCM 600MX which tore huge trenches into the terrain, a gaggle of TT500s and a Bultaco.  Around 22 bikes on the grid.
The Harrisville track is situated on the side of a gentle slope in a picturesque valley.  There are man-made jumps and berms to compliment the natural terrain but it has been built with vintage bikes in mind so there are no super cross style up-ramps to deal with.
Over the weekend I had a practice session on the Saturday morning followed by Race 1, then Sunday was Race 2 and 3.  I improved each race with 9th, 8th and 7th place finishes, placing me 7th for the Title. I was pleased with this as I had only one 4stroke in front of me (the CCM) and quite a few 2 strokes behind! I thought it was not a bad result for a bog stock TT500….
I’ve got an Inter-club Invitational meet on May22nd which will give me another hit-out ahead of the National Classic Titles in June.
Stay tuned.
Thanks again for the support package.