Oleg Pianykh

Hey Jeff and Brad (FTWCO),
Hope all is well with you guys.  I see you are working on a new shop, I am excited to see it finished.
Sorry for the lack of pictures recently, here is a quick update.  Right now I am just getting ready for the season.  Its been a couple of months since I have been on a racebike and I am really missing it.  I will be back on the R1 this year, racing the full MRA (Colorado) season, CVMA (Chuckwalla California) season, and some select MotoAmerica rounds.  Will be a busy schedule but I am looking forward to it.

Next weekend I am going to Moab, UT to ride some dirtbikes for the weekend, and after that I hope to be on a bike of some sort every weekend for the rest of the year.
Currently getting the engine refreshed on the racebike, I got your email about getting up from the computer while I was at the shop and I turned around and took some pictures.  My racebike (engineless) and some other bikes I am getting ready for a few people for the season.
This weekend I also had the awards banquet for the 2015 USBA season, I received my #1 plate.  It is the 4th year in a row for me getting the number one plate with the USBA but next year I wont be racing that series so it is time for someone else to earn it.
Let me know if you guys are ever out this way, would love to buy you guys a beer and show you the race shop.
Thank you for all the love and support, let me know how I can help FTWCo!

Oleg Pianykh