Dave Hopkinson

Morning FTWCO
Hope your well mate?
We've just returned from the Isle of Man. We went over for a bit of a break before the season starts and to meet up with a few people to speak about the TT.
I've attached a few photos for you. Hope it's what you need. 
I head out to Spain this Saturday to begin testing the new Superbike so I'll have plenty of new pictures for you from then on. Things are about to get real busy with the Superbike team.
We leave Saturday, fly out to Spain and head straight to Almeria for the first of 3 days on track. This will give me time to get used to my new rider (Filip Backlund) and get used to the new 2016 Superbike as from here we then head to Cartagena. There we are taking part in the 3 day Pro-test with the rest of the BSB paddock and is really the first chance to begin gauging not only the competition but where we are in comparison to the other teams and riders. It's going to be a busy few days.
I've some news coming on the TT front too. I should be able to announce it over the next week or so. It's really exciting and something a little bit different.
On top of all that I've some work helping a 250 rider (stunning bike), another kid on the road racing scene a various other little projects. It should be a busy year. Karla has even picked up work within the paddock. She'll be doing work for the Motorcycle company she works for and is also going to be involved in the running of the hospitality for the Superbike team (Bournemouth Kawasaki/Quattro Plant) that I'm working for. Incidentally if you want a girl in one of your hoodies, she'll be seen every too this year. She's never out of the hoodie you sent her last year, I'm beginning to think she's stitched in to it! :0)
I'll keep you up to date with the goings on out in Spain and there should be plenty of chance for Pictures whilst there and I'll get those across to you as well.