Michael Goni

Hey Jeff,
Just checking in.  I have been a real bastard about updating you via email.  I try and blast you guys as much as possible via Facebook and Instagram.
Just finished the Land speed racing season up a month ago or so and have a few extra records to add to our belt.  The real exciting part is that we are starting to rebuild/build an all new turbo/nitrous motor to replace the one I blew to smithereens a couple years ago.  Getting a bigger turbo, a better engineered exhaust system and improved fueling system.  We should, if all goes well, better our top speed of 162.55 mph on the BSA (out of a 650 pushrod twin!).
For some cross training and just plain fun I built a modern drag bike over this summer out of a 2006 GSXR1000 to compete in next year's Top Street Bike Shootout hosted at Englishtown Raceway Park in New Jersey.  I have a couple test and tune nights under my belt last month and decided last minute to enter the last TSB race of the year this past Friday night.  I managed to be the surprise of the night and went rounds and ended up in the finals.  I lost the finals by qoing 0.025 of a second faster then my dial in time and got runner up.  Pretty stoked on next years race prospects.  I have enclosed a burnout photo from the final round of racing.  Please excuse the lack of FTWCO stickers on the bike I was not expecting to go out and race till last minute and the bike is still being developed.
Michael Goni - Standard Cycle Company