Martin Hovin

Hi guys. 
Just rode the 3rd round in the fim extreme-enduro cup.
This is the extreme-enduro europeian championship.
On friday we had a fast prolog with a tyre and obstacle section.
I had a good rythm and got 11th.
This suprised me as i am not so fast but more towards the technical stuff.
The prolog desides the starting order for the 5 hr main race on saturday.
Main Race:
First 2 hrs was shit.
Chrashed a million times.
Came in for fuel and went out again.
On the 3rd lap i smashed my foot in a chrash and 30 min later i took my elbow.
Then fuel again and a quick snack.
On lap 4 my foot started to give me shit.
I could not use it the make momentum to get over the logs and tires so i had to carry my bike over all the obstacles.
Overall a fucking hard day.
Satisfied that i never gave up.
I got 12th place.
Now i stand a 9th in the championship with 1 remaning round in Germany in October. 
Best regards Martin