Travis Newbold

Howdy, Here are some pics from the last race in Del Mar. It was a blast. 20 hour drive in my buddy's 72 econoline but we spent more time working on it than driving it. Had some good races with Co-Built Geoff and Dimitri Coste the Frenchman was flying. FInished 2nd to him twice in the vintage twins class but I managed to beat him with a win in the stacked 400cc+ class.

Also a couple of spy pics of the colors I will be racing on Pikes Peak this year. I am very excited to be racing a special build Ronin race bike on the hill this year. If any one wants to attend get a spot at The Lone Duck Campgound for the last week of June. It is a unique race but it gets more and more restriction and lame every year so if you have wanted to see it make it happen!