Travis Newbold

I survived another Dirt Quake! Chopper speedway is hairy in more ways than one. Cowboy and I made the 20+ hour drive to Castle Rock Washington with minor difficulty and major whiskey consumption. I raced my XS Saturday night in the local club race and won the vintage twins class. 4th in 30+. The Vicious Cycles played in the pits amongst free beer. Sunday was a true spectacle of inappropriate speedway shenanigans. sidehacks, bikini tops, anything and everything, and so many huge smiles!
Every time I pulled the old triumph chopper off the track we had to bailing wire, zip ty, duct tape or bungee chord something back on. In the main I rode as hard as I thought possible on the shit box of whitworth bolts. A fellow behind me folded his forks and had a fantastic low side. With a few laps to go I noticed my fuel tank dangling by the fuel line beside me, I snatched it up and tried to hold it on with my knees. Second place caught me on the last lap. We locked bars in 3 and 4, I had my inside peg plowing up dirt like crazy. It was insane!  Ended up getting passed but by mistake was given 1st. I swapped trophies with the dude and told him how sick he was. Sick indeed. Just plain fucking retarded we are to do such a thing. I loved it!