Garrett Brittenham

Well, it's been an eventful beginning to the season here...
We're 3 races in, and there's pretty much been adversity in every race.
Race 1 was under threat of bad weather. I got a 6th place finish in the Sportsman class, but missed the start of the 40+ main due to a change in race order that I was confused about.
Race 2 saw my bike blow a seal on the remote start after a 2nd place Sportsman heat race, and it was spraying trans fluid everywhere. I was unable to run my 40+ heat, but Erik Bland loaned me a very nice YZF450 for the mains. Came in 3rd in Sportsman (Money!), and 3rd in 40+ from a back row start.
Race 3 was when everything went south. I decided to go ahead and move into the Pro class, running Sportsman as well. Got a solid 2nd in the Sportsman heat. In the Pro heat, I got a lousy start, and got into the back tire of the guy in front of me in the first corner. I got thrown high-side, landing hard on my knee and head. Unfortunately, a friend of mine, Dylan Fox, couldn't avoid hitting my bike, and he was thrown over the bars pretty spectacularly, losing his helmet in the process. Dang scary. Through some amazing stroke of luck, he did not come away with a head injury, but hyper-extended his back. I feel pretty awful about that.
As for myself, I ended up with a tibial plateau fracture, and possibly a torn ACL and torn meniscus. Awaiting results from an MRI to see the damage on the ligaments. It's possible my season is over.
So, yep, my "Pro Debut" lasted from the starting line to the entry of turn 1.
Sorry to have to deliver crappy news. I hope I can somehow stay on the team through recovery!
Crash vid:

Get well Garrett!