Drogo Michie

Hey FTWCo,
It seems I'm no longer a bouncer, but a breaker! 
Round 2 of the DTRA, first heat of the day, 
I get a blinding start, have the holeshot & lead 
coming out of turn 1 when someone tries an 
impossible pass, far too hot, looses control & 
high sides into me! Bang, I spend a little time 
tumbling  through time & space & land not very 
cleverly kinda upside down... I get up, help 
Anthony Brown ( chain reaction victim ), 
whose stuck was under his bike & generally 
try to untangle stuff... After a while the 
race is restarted and I get the holeshot again, 
lead for a while & then slowly fade out and come 
in 5th, I give it one more race, but my shoulder,s 
all wrong & I pull up lame, the day over. 
Turns out I had broken my shoulder blade & 
am most likely out for the rest of the season. 
Bollocks.... That's me on the rhs of the photo 
landing & breaking!
Drogo #27