Travis Newbold

Thanks for the new gear! This year is looking to be a blast. Dirtquake USA, Pikes Peak, Kansas I-70 flattrack series, DIRTBIKES, and beer bongs! 
Here are some pics from the first two rounds of our flattrack series here in Denver. Fresh overhaul on the XS has it running top notch! 
Co-Built Geoff built me a titanium hot shoe that was throwing twenty foot sparks during one of the best flattrack battles I have ever had. The crowd was so stoked, they thought my bike was burning up on re-entry!
For Pikes Peak I decided to move out of the 450 class next year so I bought a 900$ SV650 and am building it up. In the mean time I figured I should try some short circuit road racing on it so this weekend will be my first proper road meet. I am excited and a bit nervous about how much money is on the line. Road racing is not for the light of wallet but I am a true cheap skate and will do my best. I can at least after this weekend add road racing to my On any Sunday like resume that all ready includes, Mini Moto, MX, AX, SX, Enduro, Enduro X, Hair and Hound, Scrambles, Baja, A trials podium, Flattrack, Ice racing, Rally, Bonneville, Pikes Peak, and of course Chopper Speedway at last year's Dirt quake. ...Next is either a hillclimber or a sidecar!!! OR A SPEEDWAY!!!