John Tinsley

Sorry for lagging on keeping you updated lately. On 5/17/14 I was involved in a pretty nasty crash @ Perris (SCFTA) 
I was having a great day! Just got the new Mitas tires from Jim Wood and they were working great! Finished 3rd in my heat which put me on the front row for the main. Not to mention having a good battle with the one and only Jimmy Wood!! 3 laps or so into the main I got tangled up with another rider, I ran his boot over and it got sucked in between the rear wheel and swing arm on my bike. It was like it locked up and before I knew it I was flying through the air into the wall. I knew I had broken something right away, so I looked at my left arm which felt pretty bad and it was looking like a Z! I pulled it back into place sorta while I was in shock, and by this time commotion had unfolded on the track trying to get the other rider free. Shortly after they cut my jersey off and put it in a splint when I said screw the ambulance. Ended up going to Loma Linda University hospital which was 45 minutes away in the van. It was obvious both bones in my left forearm were broken at this point. Got X-rays which confirmed that I had fractured the Radius and Ulna which required plates on both. I was up all night with my girlfriend taking care of my broken ass (thank god she was there nurses were ignoring me haha) I was very lucky because they were able to install the titanium the next day and send me home. Looking to be back on the bike by mid july!